Monday, May 25, 2009

Welcome to the Projects! Youth Music at It's Best!

AWOL's Sound Design Program, the Projects is probably our most popular program of them all. It is the crux of all things AWOL and remains a coveted program to enroll into by dozens of Savannah youth. This is now our 3rd class and we are very excited about the release of the third album, "Dirty Water". The music is all written and produced by AWOL youth with the guidance of three awesome Artist Facilitators, Lloyd Harold, A.K.A "Kid Syc", Patrick Rodgers of Press Play Public Relations and our very own former youth participant turned teacher, Quentin Smith of CCB, A.K.A "QD".

We are always intrigued by the differences in each class. The first class was a broad mix of poets, rappers and R&B artist. For us, it was a perfect first album (dubbed The Outcome) because it was a great snapshot of what we hoped was to come. All kinds of talented kids, all in the studio, writing, creating, mixing and learning how to collaborate on a full scale media production that they could call their own. Some of the members of the first class have now entered the military and other have gone to college, I can only hope that some of the skills learned while they were with AWOL have successfully transferred into life skills. What might those skills be you ask?

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Project Management

These are just a few of the soft skills learned during the process of creating a successful album. Often time, I can see why one might think to themselves, "Awww, that's so nice, the kids are learning how to make music and staying out of trouble". But AWOL is so much more than that. The relationships created during AWOL programs are the foundations of lifelong friendships and learning how to build positive relationships. So as you listen to a few tracks from the old class, (and a few off my cousin Anthony David's old album...he's so hot, my family is full of artist, but i'll tell you all about that in another issue) please be mindful that these kids are doing more than creating music, they are drawing the blue print for a successful future.

Myspace Page for each class:

Projects 1
Projects 2
Projects 3 (under construction)


AWOL Lake Bash 2009 Projects 3 Album Release, "Dirty Water"
June 26th @ Lake Mayer, Savannah, GA

BBQ in full effect, with yours truly Polo on the grill! All proceeds go to support Savannah Youth!

About the Projects

Positive Reeducation of Juveniles Everywhere Concerning the Streets

Taught through a combination of classroom style workshops and hands-on training in AWOL’s production lab and recording studio, the Sound Design program, titled The P.R.O.J.E.C.T.S, gives students an opportunity to develop their musical talents while gaining first hand experience in multiple aspects of the music industry, including talent (songwriting / producing / recording) and business (public relations / representation / marketing).

The 6-8 month program (depending on youth progress)that is designed to expand the musical literacy and personal awareness of students using lessons about music history, music theory and creative writing that feeds into a collaborative environment where students work together to write, produce, record and market an album comprised of the best student work from the class. Local artists, writers and producers, who are active in their respective fields regionally and nationally, teach small classes of students focused on learning practical lessons such as instrument identification and music analysis, as well as understanding how to use industry-standard software, including ProTools (recording), Reason (production) and Fruity Loops (production). In addition to learning the basics of each program, students learn about composition, rhythm and theory in a hands-on environment that encourages them to express themselves through their music, while working with songwriters and lyricists to craft the best possible finished product.

Disclaimer: The Myspace links of AWOL employees, supporters and friends are their personal works of art. Links to Myspace URL's are in no way an endorsement of said artist or the content of the artist work. Nor is said content representative of AWOL youth program curriculum.

Find more music like this on AWOL All Walks of Life Inc.

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