Saturday, November 13, 2010

AWOL Kids Rock out at the Office!

Yesterday was a great day at the AWOL office. Last year Tony decided to institute a fun day for the kids at the office. The day was complete with video games, movies and popcorn. Originally the day was suppose to be just for the boys, but of course the girls "bum rushed" the office that day. It's a good thing they did, because a new AWOL tradition has been born. But I would expect nothing less from our esteemed and humble Chief Visionary Officer, Tony Polo Jordan!

So yesterday was our second fun day, and needless to say, the "office" will never be the same. It has been officially dubbed "Club AWOL" just for those days when the kids need to let loose, and take a much needed and well deserved break. Check out this video taken with my camera phone, that I could hardly shoot for laughing so hard!. I am blessed to have such wonderful angels in my life, they keep me laughing and smiling all the time. Who needs health insurance when you work at a place like AWOL, "laughter is good for the soul and your health", which means I'm going to live for a very long time thanks to the AWOL kids.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

AWOL's Theater & Performing Arts "Act Up"

The AWOL Act Up! Theater and Performing Arts Program is growing by leaps and bounds everyday. Tonight the kids are headed over to the Telfair Museum of Art's Owens-Thomas House to see a living history tour in which AWOL Theater Director, Lakesha Green plays the part of Emma Jordan, a slave servant. We are all about giving the kids professional experiences in the arts and have big plans to take their professional learning experiences even farther this year with a visit to Kenny Leon's True Colors Theater in Atlanta, GA. Check back to learn more about our upcoming winter trip to Atlanta and find out how you can help support our efforts for just $100 dollars per child.

In the meantime, check out Autumn and Jason, two AWOL youth who played star roles in last years production of Choices: A Romeo and Juliet Story. Autumn and Jason are two great kids with a bright future in front of them. We are proud to annouce that Autumn is already considering scholarship opportunities from Boston College and the University of Maryland because of her involvment with AWOL. We have you all to thank for her success! Check out the video interview below and be sure to share with friends and family.

Slow Blogging apology

OMG! So I have not posted a Blog from say...uh....a few months! Wow. That is so awful. So to all our fans, friends and followers I would just like to apologize for being an awful blogger! But in our defense, so many wonderful things are happening at AWOL that it can be hard to communicate all that good news at times. No worries, we vow to try harder...or ...perhaps that should be "blog harder" in the future. Check back this week for all the latest AWOL news and events and of course we'll be sharing inspiring stories of change!

Talk to you soon!