Monday, December 13, 2010

AWOL Holiday News!


Happy Holidays everyone! We hope this final BLOG of the 2010 year finds you all in good spirits. It's been a tough
The Jordans at Ellis Square Tree Lightingyear, with budget cuts, political sparring and unemployment at an all time high. But what I think we must all remember to do is cut off the "stupid box" off (television) sometimes, and instead of worry about what the reporters have to say about our world, we should step right outside our own front door and "make some good". As we watch and listen to all this talk about the great "reset", you never think to wonder how kids are holding up in this mess. In 2010, we have had more kids experience financial hardships such as foreclosures, evictions, and lack of basic utilities in the home than ever before.

Now more than ever it's important for us to band together to "make some good" for kids like Paul. Paul is a middle school drop out, who has no more than an 7th grade education, and upon arrival to AWOL, not a glimmer of hope in his eyes, not to mention zero motivation to do much more than stay at home most days of the week. Paul is enrolled in the sound design and music education program and since enrolling just over a month ago, we have already started to notice changes in his attitude, like a desire to be around positive peer groups, a willingness to listen to adult role models and most important of them all, a unrelenting desire to come to the AWOL office everyday. We are proud to be "making some good" in Paul's life. How are we doing that you say? Easy..AWOL is there for young people consistently and without judgment everyday and on weekends. There is no magic bullet to saving our youth during a time when circumstances can make it even easier for them to turn to a life of crime. But it starts with good folks like YOU, stepping out the door to come volunteer or clicking the
DONATE link to help with resources.

So as we head into the holiday season with cheer, we hope that you will all go out and "make some good" for your family and your community and may you all have a wonderful Christmas!


Tony, DaVena, Caleb and Daniel Jordan
AWOL All Walks of Life, Inc.