Saturday, November 13, 2010

AWOL Kids Rock out at the Office!

Yesterday was a great day at the AWOL office. Last year Tony decided to institute a fun day for the kids at the office. The day was complete with video games, movies and popcorn. Originally the day was suppose to be just for the boys, but of course the girls "bum rushed" the office that day. It's a good thing they did, because a new AWOL tradition has been born. But I would expect nothing less from our esteemed and humble Chief Visionary Officer, Tony Polo Jordan!

So yesterday was our second fun day, and needless to say, the "office" will never be the same. It has been officially dubbed "Club AWOL" just for those days when the kids need to let loose, and take a much needed and well deserved break. Check out this video taken with my camera phone, that I could hardly shoot for laughing so hard!. I am blessed to have such wonderful angels in my life, they keep me laughing and smiling all the time. Who needs health insurance when you work at a place like AWOL, "laughter is good for the soul and your health", which means I'm going to live for a very long time thanks to the AWOL kids.

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