Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Be the Change

It's amazing to look back at AWOL's very humble beginnings and imagine what lies ahead. Each year has been a journey, with it's own set of rumbles and tumbles. Tonight we had a board meeting, which had a few old and new members. As I looked across the room I was reminded of the #1 rule when starting a non-profit. You must have a supportive group of advisers and board members who are willing to do two simple things. Now when I tell you what these two things are, my commentary at the end may seem a little harsh, but trust me it's just the plain ole truth. Your Board of Directors mandate is simply these two things.

  • GIVE (Give time, money or resources)
  • GET (Somebody else to give time, money or resources)

or they can chose the last option, which is to..

  • GET OFF!
Yeahhhhhh, I said it! Get off!

If you say you support an organization or a cause, don't just talk about it, be about it. In this day in time, and especially given the current economic downturn, small and large social service agencies often suffer first as governments cut back and competitive grant's become scarce. If it's one thing I'm clear about, it's the simple fact that AWOL would not be where we are today without the dozens of supporters that offered up everything from advice, volunteer time, snacks for the kids, donated equipment and of course my personal favorite, cold hard cash. lol. Cash never goes out of style.

So perhaps today is the day. Which group do you support? (I hope its AWOL, smile)
Whichever cause or organization you support, call them up, ask them what they need most and try to help out. Don't have time to call? That's cool, send them a donation in the mail or online. Social service organizations like AWOL are an important thread in the social fabric of our community. Without them, many would go with critical needs unmet.

Now if this blog has moved you to ACTION, then here is AWOL's address to send that donation. lol

AWOL, Inc.
P.O. Box 15846
Savannah, GA 31416

or visit our website at

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