Friday, May 15, 2009

Just "Be"

Leading a mid-level non-profit can be a daunting task sometimes. Between getting payroll done, planning fundraisers, doing reports and writing grants, its hard to find time to just "be". It's not often that I find the time to just

  • Be with my kids
  • Be with my husband
  • Be with my Mom and Dad
  • Be with my friends
  • Be by myself

This blog is in no way a rant about how exhausted I am, or how much I dislike my job. It's quite the contrary, it's a blog to remind us all to find the time to just "be". My New Year's resolution came from one of favorite aunts, Inez. She told me at the beginning of the year that "2009 Was All Mine". I loved it, and I'm sticking to it. 5 years into the non-profit sector, and I'm finally finding the time to just "be". Sure I got grant deadlines and reports to write, but trust me, they'll be there when I get back from "being wherever I be at" that's a fact!

Today I spent most of the morning doing SUAF paperwork, taking care of bill's, answering the 1000 emails I get per day and then at about 12ish, I decided it was time to "be". I hope you find sometime to do the same. It helps to renew your spirit and gives you the strength to march forward. Everyday we meet more and more youth that need help, parents crying out for support and social workers hoping that "this is the final referral for this kid, the one that works". They are the reason that I find the time to "be". If I don't, then how could we (me and Tony and the AWOL crew) ever help them.

And of course, these two are the most important reason of all to just "be". If you don't have them, find the right one and get some! (kids) They are great to "be" with. lol

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  1. I Love it!! Keep growing Girl!